Monday, July 14, 2008

Swimming Lessons

My son started new round of swimming and soccer lessons last week. It seems soccer is in his blood. Well, at least one of his grandparents back in Europe is going to be happy to hear that.

But he'll need to work a bit harder on his swimming skills. On his 4th day of swimming lessons, he had an argument with the teacher who was (in vain) attempting to get him to put his face under water. He told the teacher "But I'm not supposed to be in this swimming pool!" I started laughing. Was it wrong from me? Yup. But it was so cute seeing a 4 year old defending his decision not to get his face wet.

On Friday, at the end of the swimming lesson, teacher took them to try jumping from a jumping board. It was pleasant surprise to see him jumping into the water more freely than some kids that were so far doing much better in the class. After the first jump, he started doing it all by himself. And enjoying it so much.

I took him to the Raging Waters water slide park this weekend. Guess what, he was soon sliding head first on the kiddies water slide and running in and out of artificial waterfall. No problems with water on his face at all. No problems in getting completely under water.

Today, his regular teacher was not there, and a teacher from different group filled in for him. She had completely different approach. Getting kids to do stuff more by play, less by showing and asking to repeat. It was the first time he voluntarily got himself to dive under. By the end of today's class, the teacher had trouble to get him not to dive. I'm not sure how much it was due to different approach of the new teacher, and how much to Friday's jumping board experience and the fun free play in the water at Raging Waters. I guess it was a combination. I did liked the approach of new teacher much more.

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