Thursday, February 21, 2008

USPS Rocks, UPS Doesn't Rock As Much

For whatever reason, Amazon decided to split my last order in two shipments. Shipped same day February 15, good old slow ground, one via USPS, the other via UPS. The USPS one arrived on February 19. The UPS one arrived February 21.

Looking at the package tracking info, they could have arrived the same day. But UPS was holding the package in their warehouse for 2 days. The warehouse is about 1 hour drive from where I live. This seems to be the standard business practice at UPS. From one side, I can see the logic. Deliver ground slow, so people are more likely to buy more expensive two-day. But on the other hand, people not in a hurry might be more likely to use some other courier. Either way, not cool.

Not trying to rant too much. If I wanted two day shipping, I'd get two-day shipping. Or subscribe to Amazon Prime and get it for cheap. It's just that I don't remember last time I was in a hurry so much to need two-day shipping. I'm just kind of feeling stupid to see my packages sitting in some warehouse for 1-3 days each and every time I'm using UPS.

Moral of the story, good old post office is often cheaper and faster :-)

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