Friday, May 4, 2007

Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3. What a terrible movie. Sucks. On a scale from 1 to 10, Spiderman 3 is somewhere around -10. It's almost two and a half hours long. I was looking at my watch about every 5 minutes during those two and a half hours. I was unfortunate that my wife was supposed to pick me up after the end. If it weren’t for that, I would have left after the first 15 minutes. So I had to sit through it. The only good thing about it was that I didn't have to pay for a ticket to see it.

I knew that the movie itself was going to be stupid long before I entered the theatre. But I kind of assumed there'll be a lot of action, so it might be fun. Apart from two action scenes, one at the beginning and one at the finale, there wasn't really much anything. If all you want is action in Spiderman movie, wait till it gets released on DVD. Watch the beginning, than skip all the way to the end. There isn't really much in between. Well, there are some action scenes scattered throughout the movie too. But they get kind of lost in all this Spiderman's personal life heartbreaking junk that seems to be the skeleton of the movie.

Couple of actors had decent performance, and there were a few funny lines from sidekicks from time to time. But even if they had best actors putting the best performance of their lives, it wouldn't really save this movie. The script was that bad.

Of course. There's also a "patriotic" scene where Spiderman zooms in front of giant national flag. Very patriotic. Excuse me while I stick my finger in the mouth and throw up in the bucket for a second. Don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against stripes. I do find stars to be cute. It's just that this kind of abuse of national flag (any national flag) makes me feel like throwing up.

My advice, don't waste your hard earned $$$ on this piece of crap. If you get to see it for free, fine. Not worth paying to see it.

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Unknown said...

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Spider man 3 is a top-heavy, slow-moving and even carelessly assembled collection of often inexplicable tangents.

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