Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rogers: Darn greedy wireless provider

I used Rogers as my wireless provider for years and years in Canada. Generally, I was happy with the service, and the rates were OK. Recently I somehow ended up living in the States. I asked Rogers if it would be possible to unlock my two old phones. They are old and beaten up, but still in good working condition (especially my Nokia 6310i). I kind of thought of keeping them around as spare handsets. Anyhow, I got the "no" answer. The thing that pissed me off was that they wrote in their email (quote):

"One of the reasons we cannot unlock cell phones is that there
are no guarantees that a device will function properly after it has been

Which is total nonsense. Especially for the two phones that I have. Years old Nokia 6310i and Nokia 3600. Apart from Rogers/AT&T logo, both completely generic. Virtually zero Rogers customizations (yes, that old). But even if there were customizations made by Rogers, the above statement would be nonsense.

They could have simply said "no", and I would be simply disappointed. Tough luck and stuff. Be more careful when buying cell phones in the future. But providing me (the customer) with made-up "technical" reasons that simply don't hold water just pissed me off. Completely.

As a side note, T-Mobile just unlocked my wife's phone after only 3 months of service (she's traveling to Europe for couple of months, and wanted to be able to use local SIM cards). T-Mobile folks said "no problemo, here's the unlock code". Way to go T-Mobile. I'll stick with you guys wherever in the world I end up living next.


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