Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bike to work day

Today was bike to work day. I biked all the way from Santa Clara to Mountain View. Couple of coworkers that live near by were also biking, so I joined them. From the place where I live, it took less than one and a half hour. Not bad, considering that during rush hour on few occasions (when I was stupid enough to drive during rush hour) I spent almost an hour stuck on I-85 in a car.

I enjoyed the ride. Even though I'm totally not in shape. I haven't been biking for the last five years, just started getting into it again. The meeting point was at Lawrence and Homestead in Santa Clara, about 15-ish minutes ride from where I live. Then we cruised up the Homestead Road, and down Mary Avenue towards Middlefield Road and onto Stevens Creek Trail from there. Pace was a bit on the fast side for me. But I was able to keep it without problems. If I was alone, I would probably ride somewhat slower. It was a good thing I was in a group. Actually, on the way back from work, after we all split up, I rode to my home keeping the same pace. I kind of got into it.

Oh, and at work, there was this awesome 8-person fun-bike. The strange looking round thing with bikers sitting around in a circle. We tried it out, and rode it all over the campus. To the enjoyment of everybody that saw us. And our fun too, of course. Too bad I don't have any photos to share. Couple of people took photos of us as we were riging past them. I'll have to see if I can locate any of them.

One of my coworkers from Santa Clara seems to be doing this on a daily basis. I gave a taught to the idea of doing the same. But somehow, it's just too much time spent for getting to/from work each single day. Normally it takes me 15-20 minutes with a car (when I'm smart enough to go to work early). Which leaves more than 2 hours each day to do something else. Or bike someplace else. Where there is no cars around. But I'll definitely consider getting into a habit of biking to work once a week. It's good. It's fun. Once a week, it's not beating the same path over and over again each day. If we move to Mountain View, or someplace close enough to get biking time under half an hour, I'll definitely dump the car in favour of the bike for getting to/from work on everyday basis.

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