Saturday, April 7, 2007

Egg Hunt

Easter. This is the first year ever that I don't have an official day off. Back in Europe, Easter holiday was a norm. Canada has it too. US is a bit too secular (bot not completely secular, they still get Christmas). I'm not much of an religious person, and I must admit that my observance of Christian holidays falls more into pagan customs (eggs and Easter Bunny are really symbols of fertility, not exactly what Easter is all about). I'm not complaining, there's many other holidays in the US. It's just, it came as a bit of surprise. I guess I took for granted that there's some holiday in early spring.

Other then that, it was mostly business as usual. Egg hunt was on Saturday instead of Sunday. I could only guess people around here prefer to spend the Easter Sunday with families. My kid had tons of fun chasing candy filled eggs with bunch of other kids in Santa Clara's central park. My wife and me had a great time too. Once we got back home, we painted the eggs, and they look awesome. My wife prepared ham in bread, and some other traditional treats for tomorrow. We also had this idea to pack some food (ham and eggs, what else ;-) and head out to the beach and have a second egg hunt there. I guess we'll probably end up doing it, if weather on Pacific coast is at least half-decent.

Happy Easter!

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