Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ski trip

Company ski trip. Whoa. I almost missed it, however my new buddies talked me into it. Kind of feeling guilty for my wife and son that had to stay home. But, even with a bit of guilt, I had lots of fun.

When I arrived, I thought of going skiing or skating. But went snowboarding instead. In my life, I already did skiing (last time some 20 years ago), and skating (OK, I can skate forward and kind of stop, and that's it). Snowboarding was something I never did before in my life.

It was a bit harder than I thought it will be. I remember skiing being much easier. Or maybe I was simply much younger 20 years ago. The board went most of the time where it wanted to go, not exactly where I wanted it to go. However, it was a great experience. Have to try it again, sometime, someday.

The second day I decided to go for some skating. However, I woke a bit too late (ah, that fabolus party last nigh) and figured out it's a bit too late. So instead, I had nice breakfast and wrote this entry (lucky you).

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