Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Big Move

Short version: new job, new city, new country.

Well, it was a big move. All the way from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Silicon Valley. Week before I was playing with puck and hockey sticks with my son on the frozen Assiniboine river. Week after he was running barefoot on the beach in Santa Cruz.

The rest of the story is probably just the boring first couple of days/weeks in the new country stuff. I wish folks making the rules were engineers. Seems everything and whatnot in US is tied to social security number. Can't even get local driver's licence without it. For whatever reason. Speaking of driver's license, I don't really get it why I need to do it all over again (written and road exam) each and every time I move. Would be nice if authorities would recognize that half of the world drives the same way. Especially between US and Canada that have almost exactly the same driving rules.

At least to open an bank account was no problem. Back home in Canada, banks gave me a real trouble until I had SIN (Canadian equivalent of SSN). Than came real surprise. I had one (Canadian) check that came too late to cash it back home. So I deposited it into my new bank account in US. No problem, the lady in the bank told me. Couple of days later, I checked the balance on the account just to find (to my surprise) that deposited amount was debited from my account, instead of being credited to it. I call the bank, and got nowhere on the phone with them. They claim once check clears the balance will be OK again. But couldn't get from them why on earth they debited the check amount from my account. Well, Citibank, I think you managed to loose customer in two days flat.

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